Yagni Patel

Yagni Patel

Virtual Assistant / Remote Worker

I completed my Bachelors of Physiotherapy in the year 2019 from Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences, Gujarat (India). After Completing my graduation from India, I came here to Canada.

I worked as a Physiotherapist in India at Kesar Physiotherapy clinic and Jivansandhya Old Age House. I worked as a PTA at Bristol Rehab and medical clinic, Mississauga for one year. Now I am working as a Resident physiotherapist at Plainsview physiotherapy, Burlington.

Being a Physiotherapist, I always used to tell people that I love this field because It has a vast approach towards different conditions with almost no side effects. My main goal is to educate people about prevention of injuries and make patients independent in their daily activities. I feel that learning new advanced techniques helps me to provide the best quality care to clients.

If I talk about my hobbies, I am a family person so I love to spend time with family when I am free. Other than that, I like hanging around the mall for shopping, visiting new places and exploring the different foods around Toronto.