Job Description

FunFacts about working for our clinic and its affiliate locations :

  • It's not just us saying we are the best…. We have won awards for Best Physiotherapy Clinic company and amongst the TOP 3 Rated Best Physiotherapist in Hamilton for the last 4 years… oh and numerous other awards Readers' Choice, Consumer Choice, TOP Choice Awards…all been nominated by our patients in the community we serve…
  • We are family-owned and operated and intend to stay that way… forever. We started this in a few hundred square feet location in Burlington before being able to expand and grow this company into so many locations.. we would not have been able to do that without our Rockstar Team
  • We have a generous budget for continuing education… you don't get voted best PT clinic in Hamilton so many years in a row without constant clinical skill growth.
  • All clinicians meet biweekly to review what we have learned at all these courses including but not limited to grade 5 joint mobilizations, neurodynamics, exercise progression and regression, dry needling, Concussion, Vestibular rehab, Advanced Taping, etc just to name a few… Ask other potential employers if they are meeting regularly to improve their clinical skills.
  • We are fun! Did you watch some of our pictures? Paintball, Bowling, Halloween, Dinner nights, Pot lucks, Ginger-bread decor events… with everyone's family. Oh, we also do meetings at ax-throwing venues, bowling alleys, hiking trails, breweries, baseball games, BBQs, house warming parties…
  • We offer a great opportunity for career advancement. Our goal is to take our PT Assistants through to PT Schools, to staff resident clinicians to a Registered PT to clinical directors to owners in the company (yes, you saw and read that correctly…. You have to meet me personally to learn more about that Vision). This isn't just for PTs either… our front-line customer service staff have opportunities to grow in a rapidly scaling company. We also have opportunities in our marketing, finance, human resources, and finance divisions.
  • It's not easy to work here. If you don't like to be challenged professionally, then this place isn't for you. There are plenty of PT jobs in the region where you clock in, clock out and collect a cheque.
  • We have open-book management and everyone knows how the company is doing financially. The better we do, the more everyone makes. We intend to grow together. If you can relate to that, then you should probably apply.
  • Fridays are our Denim-days! The goal is to have everyone get company gear and on Fridays, we wear jeans, T-shirts, and sweatshirts.

We offer our Clinicians:

  • Regular support in building their caseload
  • Regular team and 1 on 1 mentoring meeting and amazing work culture!
  • Competitive hourly wage
  • Full Reception Services - We manage all reception, appointments, invoicing, and billing for you. And everything is transparent with full access to Clinicians. This is a PT owned company - we know how important it is to protect our license from unethical practice
  • Already established referral sources and continuing marketing to build on this
  • Private Assessment and Treatment Rooms
  • Flexible schedules with work/ life balance
  • Team collaboration
  • Online charting
  • Other Perks (see below)
  • A paid subscription to various resource websites
  • Full shared google drive with already existing resources and handouts for use in your therapy
  • Freedom to create and run your own programs/workshops/groups
  • Clinical Mentorship program - for new grads or clinicians looking to upgrade their skills and certifications
  • Career Growth OPTIONS:
    1. Focus on your clinical work only
    2. Diversify your clinical work and get involved in the business side of things
    3. Become a Clinic Lead to a Clinic Director down the road

We believe in MENTORSHIP!

Whether you are a seasoned clinician or a new grad, we help you to sharpen and add new skills to your clinical toolkit. As clinicians, our learning never ends.

PS: All the Resident PTs who are looking to appear for their Clinical Component, we collaborate you with other Resident PTs in our company to help practice, use the clinic facility, mentorship/tutoring from all the seasoned clinicians to help you clear your exams.

To apply, send an email to and write "ROCKSTAR PT" in your subject line.

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