Ashish Bhatt

Anny Ko

Registered Physiotherapist

Ashish has completed his Bachelor’s degree in 2009 and Master’s degree in 2012. Since completion of his education, he has worked in various physiotherapy settings including outpatient department, hospital, home health care. He has treated a wide variety of clients coming from pediatrics, musculoskeletal, neurological and geriatrics.

He believes that learning is a continuous process and updating as well as upgrading knowledge and skills are an important investment for health care professionals. He believes in individually tailored approach with every client. When asked what it means to him for giving his best to every client, he answered “along with active physiotherapy, client participation and ongoing evaluation to treat any physical condition, education and prevention of long-term limitations are an integral part of my treatment approach.”

Even outside of work, he strongly advocates for physical, mental, social and spiritual fitness. He is a fitness enthusiast. Aside from his regular workouts in gym, he enjoys running, hiking, walking and biking. He loves travelling to different places to learn about different people, culture and lifestyles. He states “ the more I travel and explore the world, the more I learned about myself.”