Sean Duxbury

Sean Duxbury

Physiotherapist Assistant

Meet Sean, a dynamic individual blending reliability with a zest for life! With a diploma in Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Assistance from Cambrian College, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the table. From his experiences as a Student Physiotherapist Assistant at private clinics to his time in respiratory therapy at Health Sciences North, Sean has honed his skills in patient care and collaboration.

Not only is Sean a whiz in the healthcare field, but he’s also a master multitasker who thrives in fast-paced environments. Whether he’s coordinating treatment programs, implementing modalities, or maintaining meticulous documentation, Sean does it all with a smile and a can-do attitude.

Beyond the clinic, Sean’s interests range from physical fitness and hockey to hiking and chess. He’s not just your average healthcare professional-he’s a versatile individual with a passion for life both inside and outside of work.

With Sean on your team, you can expect professionalism with a sprinkle of fun, making every day a rewarding adventure!