Joya Sohani

Joya Sohani

Registered Physiotherapist
Pelvic Floor Level 1

Joya is a passionate Registered Physiotherapist with Precision Physiotherapy. She years of experience working in the hospital setting and has expanded her horizons in Orthopaedic clinics. Her desire and passion towards a healthy body and mind led her to attain a post-graduate diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from London, Ontario.

Her focus is on neuromusculoskeletal injuries in wide varieties of the population including post-surgical, geriatrics, neurological disorders, and sports-related injuries.

Joya believes in developing an open and honest relationship with the client, guiding them through their challenges, and motivating them to accomplish their goals. Her perception is to strengthen the client to self-manage their problems and live a healthy lifestyle. She feels that learning is a lifelong process. Therefore endlessly participates in professional development courses, webinars, and reading evidence-based journals.

Joya has a special interest in Concussion Management and Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, and Pelvic Health and will continue to take courses related to these areas in order to upgrade her skills

Outside of work she enjoys hiking, walking, shopping, reading books, and socializing with friends. She also supports and mentors her friends and peers on their journey of becoming a Registered Physiotherapist. She says it gives her the utmost joy – the joy of giving, and if you have not noticed yet, there is a “Joy” in “Joya”