About Us

Our Story

Precision Physiotherapy is a physiotherapist-owned clinic. As Physiotherapists, we believe that client plays a major role during his/her recovery. We avoid using technical and passive treatment methods and encourage more on client active role. We emphasise in knowing our client more, which helps us treat them better. The foundation of our practice depends totally on our clients and their goals.

Precision Physiotherapy brings to the Hamilton Mountain and Dundas areas patient-friendly clinics in cities with modern and cutting edge facilities helping build patient-therapist relationships. Our goal is rehabilitate your injuries, improve your personality and also help you regain your confidence.

Our Approach

Precision Physiotherapy provides an elite quality treatment having a patient-focused care foundation. We offer a comfortable environment to patient with caring, skillful and dedicated health professionals to get you back to your optimal fitness. Our trained team of therapist focuses to understand the root cause of problem to solve it, unlike others clinics who may just offer help in treating symptoms.

The sooner your treatment begins, sooner you recover.