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Physio Hamilton Mountain, Ancaster, Stoney Creek

Why Choose Us

Our Unique 5 Phase Precision Approach

Find the root cause of your problem:

We take your detailed history, go through your chief concerns and design some BIG personal goals. Things that you love doing but are unable or afraid to do because of current issue. Our scientific tests and detailed comprehensive physical exam by our Rockstar Physiotherapist will help you find out the root cause of your problem.

Pain Relief

This is the phase in which your therapist is going to work with you to help with you pain management. You will receive hands-on manual therapy treatment from your skilled Physiotherapist who are certified with many additional courses for all the advanced techniques. You may also receive some very advanced use of technology like Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Dry Needling, etc if appropriate. Goal is to decrease you pain, inflammation and tightness.

This phase usually takes between 4 to 6 sessions

Strategic Corrective Exercise

This is the phase where you will be worked on to help you increase your range of motion, flexibility, movement. Your strength and endurance will improve and you will start seeing some miraculous results and difference in your day to day activities. You will now be ready for your next and the most important phase of all.

Functional Performance Training

You will now start reaping the rewards of all your diligent hard work you have put in. Your rehab will be designed to simulate the goals we had mutually decided to achieve on your first day of the assessment. You will start enjoying things you have always loved doing or have been wanting to do without any pain and limitation

Bulletproof Injury Prevention System

Woohooo!!! Success!! You have miraculously completed your evolution. We don't leave you just like that and break-up with you. Your therapist will give you your own personalized Home Exercise Program and some strategic plan to avoid this from happening again. We will then be in contact with you for the longest time so that you are well taken care of from your lifelong therapist.